Forge Mode in Halo 4 Adds Several New Features

Everyone’s anxious to see what the first Halo game without Bungie will do differently, albeit in a way that is still “Halo.” In the weeks leading up to its November 6 release date, 343 Industries has been pulling off the veil from Halo 4, teasing us with new, yet familiar features, in the Halo universe. In a 10-minute video from Gamespot, Kynan Pearson and Lori Zawada discuss the new features in Halo 4’s Forge mode.

The map shown in the video is Impact, and it’s one of three Forge maps available in Halo 4. Each Forge map has a specific palette that produces different architecture and objects, such as a UNSC load-out. Some new features include the ability to label and highlight objects, duplicate objects, snap them into place, and engineer ordinance drops at specific times.

What’s more, the objects in Forge actually generate light maps and put shadows on the object to add a quality aesthetic not found in previous Forge modes. Lori Zawada discusses how 343 Industries wanted to “make sure that the visual fidelity was as close to possible to single-player or multi-player maps.” “We want Forge users to create beautiful maps.”