Borderlands 2 Mecromancer DLC Causing Problems?

Paranoia: it can be either real or imagined. The latter seems to be the case when reports surfaced yesterday of Borderlands 2’s Mechromancer DLC stirring up a notorious past bug that erases player’s “Badass Rank.” According to 2K Games, the Mechromancer content is not the cause of the Badass Rank reset. Speaking with Game Informer, here’s what 2K Games had to say on the matter:

2K and Gearbox have been working steadily to fix a bug reported to us by fans that resets Badass Rank, and while this bug has only been affecting a very small number of players worldwide and does not affect the ability to play Borderlands 2, addressing this issue is still very important to us.

We ask that players who have experienced this issue to email us at with as many details as possible to help us gather additional information so that we can squash this reported bug.”

2K Games acknowledged the need for a future update to remedy the issue, and announced a compatibility update that will release in “the coming days.

Source: Game Informer