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Black Ops 2 Dev Hits Back At ‘Call Of Duty’ Engine Criticism

Call of Duty developers don’t like it when the community takes shots at their engine. David Vonderhaar, game design director at Treyarch has spoken out against all those critics who have commented against Black Ops 2 running on the same Infinity Ward engine.

Instead of creating a new game engine for their series, the firms have just update their existing engine with time to suit their needs. The Infinity Ward engine has been running since 2005 when Call of Duty 2 was released.

Hence, each year when a new Call of Duty title is released, commentators bash the game for running on an outdated engine.

David Vonderhaar seems confused over this. Speaking with OXM he said:

Anybody who comes at the engine needs to remember it’s the 60 frames they love in the first place. And we can make it beautiful – that’s through years and years of working with the engine, improving upon it and improving the pipeline and improving our approach, our lighting rendering.

People like to talk about the engine, but the truth of the matter is that this isn’t like something that was invented six years ago. At this point that engine doesn’t resemble anything like any engine – we’ve ripped out the UI system, the rendering and the lighting are all new, the core gameplay systems are all new.

To me, it’s like I never really understood. It runs at 60 and it’s gorgeous. What exactly is there to be upset about with the engine?

That said, Black Ops 2 gets released later this month for the PS3 and Xbox 360. A PC and Wii U version will follow later.