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Guild Wars 2 New PVP Features – Paid Tourneys, Custom Arenas And More

Jonathan Sharp discussed the future of PvP on the official Guildwars 2 websites. Some of the features highlighted include paid tournaments, rented custom arenas, leaderboards and spectator mode as well as bigger tournaments later in the future.

The paid tournament as the name suggests, have an entry fee. You have to have a ticket which can be bought in the gem shop, earned as the reward in free tournaments or earned by advancing in rank. The current free tournament system is open to everyone which means that newer players are pitted against experienced ones.

The paid tournaments will help avoid this situation as experienced players will gravitate to the paid tournaments instead for better prizes.

The prizes in the paid tournament will include glory, rank, tickets to more paid tournaments and even GEMS!! Keep in mind that unlike free tournaments, if you want to enter the paid tournament, you need to have a premade five man team.

Another cool new feature the custom arena will help you train for the mentioned tournaments. In Jonathan Sharp’s words:

Custom arenas are special PvP maps, rented by players, that will allow you to set up passwords, host scrims, and test strategies with your team.  This will allow you to challenge other teams, work on your builds in secret, and test your skills 1-on-1 with friends.  You can open the server up to everyone and set the map rotation you like best, or keep your arena password-protected so it serves as your private training ground.

Other additions the team will be aiming at include a spectator system, leaderboards, streaming and larger organized tournaments. With these great new features, the Guild Wars 2 might gain some popularity in the e-sports market.