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God of War: Ascension Will Tone Down Kratos

Anyone who has played all three games in the God of War series would attest to the might of Kratos. The Spartan warrior turned demigod has been featured with brutality, vengeance and an abundance of rage; all three of which have only increased with each title.

Mark Simon, lead designer on Ascension feels that it’s time Kratos got toned down a bit. Speaking to Gamasutra, Simon mentioned that in the first game, some of Kratos’ qualities had a heroic echo to it. This however changed drastically with the two new titles.

[In the original God of War, Kratos] was running towards the town square when all the creatures were chasing all the people away … I think that gives you a different impression of Kratos … It might be to his own ends, but he’s doing something heroic.

Talking about Ascension, the lead designer said that they don’t want the same monster. Instead they want to tie in with the Kratos from the first game and give him more heroic qualities.

[In] this game, we don’t want him to feel like a monster. We want him to feel like he’s more heroic, and what he’s doing is more heroic, and something you can relate to.

At the same time Simon also said that this in no way will affect his combat. The combat will still pay homage to the great series and all players will find it fun.

Being a fan of the God of War series I can in no way imagine Kratos portraying human characteristics. Why just the name brings images of him ripping Zeus a new one. It will be interesting to see how the developers work this out in the new title.