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EVE Online Hosts “Massive Sale” Before Temporarily Closing This Halloween

Well, EVE Online fans, I have some bad news and some good news for you. Which one do you want first — the bad news? OK, here goes: The EVE Online store is closing and is not opening back up until sometime in 2013. Phew, that wasn’t so bad. Are you ready for the good news? I thought you might be: In anticipation of the store’s closing, you’ll find goodies and swag discounted as much as 50 percent! That’s right, everything must go, including t-shirts, caps, Guristas hoodies, and the Apocalypse Battleship.

Supplies are limited, however, so make sure to fill your PayPal account if you plan on hitting up the EVE Online Store before it closes this Halloween. Check out the official statement from EVE Online below:

The EVE Store will be closing on October, 31 2012 while we revamp the service and reopen again in 2013. We are having a massive sale to clear out current stock with T-Shirts, caps, ships and much more reduced by up to 50%. If you ever wanted to own a Guristas hoodie or your very own Apocalypse Battleship, head over to the EVE Store today and place your order. Please note that supply is limited so order early to avoid disappointment.

Source: Eve Online