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Nintendo Reps Claim Wii U is 19 Times More Powerful Than PS3

Wii U
Francois over at Total Revue spent some time at the Eurogamer Expo, where he spent some considerable time with the Wii U.

“The actual console is significantly longer than I had anticipated, hinting at the level of power under the hood,” he said. “Most people in attendance were surprised by this, having probably imagined the device to be about the same size as the original Wii console.”

These claims at least can be measured, as the Wii U has been seen in its physical form more than a few times by plenty of people who could verify this. What cannot be measured, however, is the claim that the Wii U is “19 times more powerful than PS3,” as Francois was apparently told by Nintendo representatives.

“Having spent a decent amount of time with launch software I doubt these claims and would take it with a grain of salt, as the games on show at the expo appeared directly comparable to Xbox360 and PS3 titles and certainly no better.”

It’s important to remember that Sony once claimed the PS2 was 100 times more powerful than the Dreamcast, but that was during a time when console-buying decisions were made with a huge emphasis on a system’s graphics.

Via|Total Revue