Microsoft Points Being Replaced With Real Curency

Microsoft plans to replace their current Microsoft Points currency system with real money as the default way of payment in Windows 8. This new change is expected to coincide with the launch of the new dashboard update for Xbox 360 later this month.

Those using the beta versions of Windows 8 can still pay for content using Microsoft Points but the store itself defaults to credit card transactions.

This will be a welcome change since currently users have to convert the Points to currency in order to know the real cost of a purchase. $1 gets you 80 Points so if your purchase has a price of 200 Points, well go ahead and do the maths.

Microsoft still has to make a formal announcement and confirm this news.

Windows 8 will release later this month on the 26th. Many however, wish to stick to the current Windows 7 because of the new metro desktop.

[via TheVerge]