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League of Legends: World Finals Plagued With Connectivity & Cheating Issues

Playoffs for Season 2 World Championship began this past weekend with the best teams from all over the world competing for the $2 million prize pool. Popularity of the game has clearly risen this past year as was evident by the number of streamers going past 500,000.

What looked like a nearly perfect tournament got marred in the last match of the quarter finals where connectivity issues caused Riot Games to postpone matches for the day to a later date.

Counter Logic Gaming from Europe went against World Elite from China; where WE took game one with considerable ease. Their momentum helped them gain a substantial lead in game two as well but technical issues caused the Internet in the venue to fail entirely. This in turn caused the games to crash as well since the client for League of Legends is dependent on the Internet to connect to the master-server.

After a slight delay the issues were seemingly fixed and World Elite were asked to either start an entire new game with new picks/bans or else continue the old one with same picks. The Chinese team opted to start anew and were beaten by CLG in the later stages of the game. With the scores now tied 1-1, both teams went into the decider match but the same connectivity issues struck the event two more times. This eventually forced Riot Games to stop the matches and postpone it to a later date, which probably will be Wednesday.

Reddit had a field day where many discussed how WE’s victory was probable in game two if the crash hadn’t occurred. On the other hand in game 3 prior to the last crash, CLG was just 2 minutes away to ending the game.

This one best-of-3 match lasted around 6-7 hours and it’s great to see that Riot Games didn’t forget their attending fans. One of the attendees posted on reddit telling of how the firm brought all of them food and showered them with swag and skins. Their tickets were also refunded.

Back on the web users took notice of many players peeking at the huge viewing screen behind them to help them know of the enemy’s location. Riot’s officials replied that all players were constantly monitored by on stage admins and video cameras.

RedBear, vice president of eSports at Riot Games took to the forums to comment on the day’s happenings. He cleared all reported incidents of cheating and stated that they “are also investigating other alleged instances”. Regarding the connectivity issues, he said:

Hardware and connection issues are harder to prepare for. Video cards can explode. Network cables can short out. Headsets can die. While we can pause and restore games, if any of those things happen in the middle of a teamfight, it will impact the course of the game dramatically. Long-term, we know we need better solutions for this and it is a priority.

Regarding yesterday’s connection failures, we had a string of issues including a power failure, and two internet connectivity incidents we are continuing to investigate. It sucks that this happened, but we’re going to dive deep into the root cause to see if there are any other redundancies that could safeguard against this in the future.

As compensation for the viewers at home, players will receive a double IP boost for 24 hours after the finals.

Riot Games will now announce the new date for the last match of the quarterfinals and the semifinals. The grand final will take place on October 13.

Teams from Asia came into the finals as the underdogs and have so far shown exceptional skill. The American teams have already been knocked out, leaving only two teams from Europe to battle the Asian teams.