Devil May Cry DmC Preorder Bonus Trailers Released

New trailers have been released for Devil May Cry, showcasing the three different downloadable content packages that you can get, depending on where you preorder.

The first video showcases GameStop’s Samurai Pack. Curiously enough, there doesn’t seem to be anything ‘Samurai’ about the pack.

Instead of a kimono and katana, Dante sports a wife beater t-shirt and a thin looking scythe. Along with the scythe, you’ll also get a shotgun, axe and free upgrade points.

Up next, is Amazon’s Bone Pack. Displaying a slower, but harder hitting mentality, the Bone Scythe is seemingly devastating.

A long with the scythe, you’ll also get a bone axe and shotgun. Presumably, they’ll play similarly to the Bone Scythe.

Amazon’s pre-order bonus also comes with ‘Orb Harvester’ which allows you to collect hoards of extra red orbs to upgrade your weapons and combos, as well as purchase items.

Lastly there’s Best Buy’s Golden Pack. With it, you get to wield, yeah, you guessed it, golden weapons. Just like the other packs, you’ll get to modify your scythe, axe and shotgun.

Along with golden weapons, you’ll also get the Item Finder. Which, as you guessed, allows you to find… items, that are hidden.