Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified Won’t Feature Zombies

Put your shotguns away people, because it looks like Call of Duty Declassified for the Vita will not feature a zombie survival mode.

The zombie survival game mode started from the Call of Duty: World at War game and since then it has been a fan favorite for both solo and co-op gameplay. The fact that it’s not included in this new iteration of the franchise will undoubtedly sadden many people.

According to Activision representative Dan Amrich, the zombie mode is being cut so that the team can focus strictly on the single-player and multiplayer components of the game. “This is the first Call of Duty game on Vita, and it needs to deliver on its core strengths – arguably, multiplayer gaming with twin-stick controls in a portable format,” said Amrich.

However, the game will offer a ‘Hostiles’ mode, which is a sort of replacement that puts you up against waves of computer-controlled bots, but they’re still not zombies.

I suppose one can understand where Activision is coming from; they wanted to focus on making the core gameplay better. It sucks that all my zombie plans go to waste, though.

Black Ops Declassified doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but the game will probably drop in November 13 alongside Black Ops II.