Guild Wars 2 Wayfarer Foothills Skill Challenges Guide – How To

At level 5, the players roaming around in Tyria will automatically start to generate skill points. These skill points are basically your currency and to have most of the skills under your belt; you will have to collect most of these points. In Guild Wars 2, apart from getting the automated points, you can do several skill challenges, which are found in each of an explorable zone.

Completing each one of these skill challenges will get you an extra point. The number of skill challenges in a zone is always shown on the loading screen (when you enter that zone).

The Wayfarer Foothills is the starting zone of the norn characters; it has a total of eight skill challenges – You can also see these challenges on your map; the completed, and the uncompleted ones have separate markers.

Note: The best way to complete the tough challenges is to get your friends along with you!

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Challenge #1 – Hostra’s Refuge
The first challenge of Wayfarer Foothills is at Hostra’s Refuge. You will have to swim underwater, fight a couple of alpine skelks and then get to the challenge’s location.
The challenge is to fight Bear Shaman Marga, it’s not difficult. Just make use of your traps and useful abilities before you trigger the fight.

Challenge #2 – Hangrammr Climb
Located at Hangrammer Climb, the 2nd challenge is to commune with Isosormir’s Body – remains of the giant wurm. It is represented by a pillar of light!

Challenge #3 – Hermit’s Watch
Hermit’s Watch is located in Darkriven Bluffs, Wayfarer Foothills. A camp of “the Sons of Svanir” will be on your route but the main skill challenge is fighting Blane the Insane.
Blane is pretty easy, just stay out of the red circle (AoE) as you will get hit by shards of ice. Talk to Blane after defeating him and the point is yours.

Challenge #4 – The Shadowhorns
Shadow Horns, fight Burission the Blue.
The fight will start with a spinning attack from Burrisson, he’ll do this a couple of times again and you will have to dodge it and beat him then.

Challenge #5 – Hunter’s Lake
It is located at Hunter’s Lake, you need to go to an ice cave and then underground. There are numerous ice wurm hatchligns on your way, and this is probably the most difficult challenge of the area. You need to heal and act fast.
Interact with the Aging Ale Barrels at the bottom of the cave to get one, and then use it to get the skill point.

Challenge #6 – The Frozen Maw
This challenge is situated at the eastern side of the Hunter’s Lake, Frozen Maw. You need to interact with a corrupted spike and then fight the spawned enemies.
The bad part is that there are many more enemies in the battle’s area, you must clear these enemies before triggering your challenge or it will be very difficult to fight everybody. The challenge itself has an elder icebrood troll and a couple of minions. Although, it’s not that hard if others are not interfering.

Challenge #7 – Savnir’s Dome
Another tough challenge, located at Savnir’s Dome is a challenge for which you will have to fight the Sons of Svanir. When you are there, interact with Bjord’s Banner to start the fight.
You need to defeat Bjord and the two minions which are easy, bjord is not. His attacks are brutal, stay away and slow him down so you can heal yourself and attack from time to time. Don’t be desperate!

Challenge #8 – Warmspring Grotto
You need to commune with the ancient cave spring (pillar of light) to complete the challenge of Warmspring Grotto. On your way, there are several cave spiders and a veteran cave spider.