Guild Wars 2 Legacy of Foefire PvP Guide – Tips and Strategy

Foefire is a PvP, conquest map which has a total of three capture points. The guild lords and guards are the secondary options here; you get 100 points to defeat the lord but the team which wants to win has to hold 500 points.

Each side has a guild lord who is housed in their respective base and protected by 4 guards (2 casters and 2 soldiers) the opposition has to destroy the base gates first (once breached, can’t be repaired).

Quarry (South), Waterfall (North) and Sanctum located in the center of the map are the three capture points. Blue side will spawn at the north-east, and the Red will spawn at the south-west corners of the map.

Legacy of Foefire is an open map and very suitable for ranged players; it might be difficult for those who only do the melee weapons. The best place to conquer first is the Sanctum (center of the map) as it gives you quick access to the other two.

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Guild Wars 2 Legacy of Foefire Tips

Start With a Solid Plan
You must start the fight with a plan; each player of the team should know his role if he’s going to capture points, attack the guild lord, roam around the map or do all of this. Players who want to capture the guild lord should directly focus on to the gates. Those who want to defend the sanctum should have good defensive skills, if you can control sanctum, you can easily control the whole map.

Moving together as a tank might be powerful, but it is not always useful, you should make different groups and assign them different tasks. Some players should move to the sanctum and some to the guild lord, keeping the enemy busy from all sides is a bigger threat than focusing on just one point from the very start.

Protect Guild Lord
As mentioned earlier, you get 100 points for defeating the guild lord. You must not let your opposition have this advantage; you’re always notified when your base is attacked so you can quickly send one of your members to protect the lord as the door and the guards are not very hard to cross through.

Focus on Sanctum
We have already stated that sanctum is the most important area, it gives you extreme control to the map and this is what makes it a tough one as well. You can be assaulted from any side of the area; it’s very difficult to hold on to it.

Once captured, you must be very careful and quickly revive your team-mates. The other two points (waterfall and quarry) do not need that much attention; you should avoid camping there. You can easily control these two if you can hold onto sanctum because it will give you a better view of the whole map.

Be wise in attacking the guild lords: If you have controlled the sanctum and at least one more point of the map, then there is absolutely no reason to use your power against the guild lords, you should try to hold onto what you currently have because you can easily win it from here.

Although, if the results are 50/50 then try to send one of your players to the base, it will attract the enemies and make them to send a backup. This backup will allow your team members to act easily and rule over the map with a better understanding and less force to fight with.

Capture and Stay!
Holding onto a point is not that fun as it is to kill the opponents… but will get you easy and fast points. It’s better to just hold onto what you already have than to put yourself in repetitive fights and risking everything.