Guild Wars 2 Kessex Hills Vista Locations Guide

There is a vast history of Tyria in the game and to explain it even further, Guild Wars 2 have several Vistas – movie clips/cut-scenes which you can play. These vistas will start a mini-movie which explains the happenings and the surroundings of that particular area in detail. You also get some experience points with all the knowledge from these cut scenes.

The number of Vistas in a zone are shown at loading screens (when you enter a zone) and have separate markers for the ones which are discovered/not discovered on the map (M). You might have to go through some tough routes to get to these though; they are hovering in air, next to pillars of light. Press F when you’re adjacent to trigger it.

There are a total of nine vistas in the Kessex Hills! For more help on Guild Wars 2, read our Kryta Jumping Puzzles Solutions.

Vista#1 – Black Haven
Location. Delanian Foothills, Black Haven fortress. The vista is on the top of the tower, run up the ramp and then climb the staircase. There is a wooden walkway on the side, jump onto it and follow the ledges upwards. You will get to another pair of a wooden walkway and ledges again, climb these, and you should see the vista on the roof.

Vista #2 – Wizard’s Fief
Location. The second vista is located in the southeast, Wizard’s Fief. Climb up the mountains and go northeast from Isgarren’s View. All you need to do is climb up the mountain and then jump down on to the ledge which has this vista. It’s not very hard as you can just jump on it or gradually climb downwards. You will also find strawberries and diving goggles in this area.

Vista #3 – Cereboth Canyon
Location. This one is located in the area of Cereboth Canyon, its right next to a huge waterfall. You need to climb up the mountain of this waterfall and then jump on the western side of the river from there.

Vista #4 – Giant’s Passage
Location. Giant’s Passage’s vista is on a high mountain. The path is pretty easy, but it has a couple of bandits and other creatures; you need to go up the mountain from the far north and where the road bends on the southeastern side of the Earthworks bluff. Just keep going up the mountain and walk from the extreme right of it, and you’ll reach to this vista.

Vista #5 – Earthworks Bluff
Location. This one is to the west of the Earthworks Bluff, where logging is going on. Climb the logs piled on the right side of the platform so you can easily jump onto the ledge/platform and walk to the vista.

Vista #6 – Quarryside
Location. Reach to the quarry and climb up the ramp inside it. There is a walkway on your left, jump onto it and then jump across the series of platforms ahead.

Vista #7 – Lychcroft Mere
Location. The vista of Lychcrof Mere is located on the top of a tree, just keep on jumping the different mushrooms, cliff faces and branches to make your way to the top.

Vista #8 – Viathan Lake
Location. Just swim down the lake and you will reach to this vista, watch out for the Krait fishmen and the Blood Witch that spawns nearby.

Vista #9 – Fort Salma
Location. Fort Salma, run up the ramp and then cross the walkway until you reach to the vista, hop over the small wall and grab it.