Guild Wars 2 Kessex Hills Skill Challenges Guide – How To

At level 5, the players roaming around in Tyria will automatically start to generate skill points. These skill points are basically your currency and to have most of the skills under your belt; you will have to collect the most of these points.

In Guild Wars 2, apart from getting the automated points, you can do several skill challenges, which are found in each of an explorable zone. Completing each one of these skill challenges will get you an extra point.

The number of skill challenges in a zone is always shown on the loading screen (when you enter that zone). Most of you will enter the Kessex Hills after leaving Queensdale – the area is pretty big, but it has only five skill challenges. You can also see these challenges on your map; the completed, and the uncompleted ones have separate markers.

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Challenge# 1 – Black Root Cut
The first skill challenge is located in the swamp of Black Root Cut, the far east of Kessex Hills. You can avoid the swamp by dropping onto it from the road above.

The task is simple, just go and interact with the Eternal Portal and two shades will spawn. Kill them! Make sure that you avoid all the other mobs of the area, they are not a part of your fight at the moment.

Challenge #2 – Draithor’s Demesnes
South of the first skill challenge is Draithor’s Demesnes and to get there, you will have to fight off a couple of Draithor creatures first. The skill challenge is inside a cave/swamp, and you have to interact with the Enchanted Meat Rack which is surrounded by many Draithor’s Creatures. Get rid of them and quickly interact with the Enchanted Meat Rack because the creatures re-spawn. It will give you a piece of “Draithor’s Lab’s Powerfully Weird Meat” eat it and you have the skill point.

Challenge #3 – Garenhoff
The third challenge is located in Garenhoff, your objective is to destroy a flame elemental known as Merkessa. You can initiate the challenge by talking to the man next to Master Elementalist Dylane.

Merkessa is a strong opponent, spawns molten areas (AoE) and deadly in close combats. Try to use ranged attacks and prep some buffs and traps before triggering the fight to have an edge over Merkessa. Try to fight with a group after the fight has started, players around you might come and help so it’s easier.

Challenge #4 – Meremoot Hill
The fourth challenge of the Kessels Hills is located in a cave of Maremoot Hill. The challenge itself is pretty easy as all you have to do is to commune with a pillar of light. The harder part is to get there, you will have to face some mobs which include a centaur champion, Harathi Overlord etc. These are spawned randomly – try to go for it when the Overlord has spawned so a group of players can easily take him out and you can get to the pillar without any restrictions.

Challenge #5 – Eukaryan Caves
You have to fight Toratl in this challenge, its located at the top of the Eukaryan caves. Talk to him and the fight will begin.

The fight is pretty easy if you are not stupid enough to stand in his Ol’ Stinky’s poisonous shots (AoE). Toratl’s own combat abilities aren’t that difficult, just attack him when you’re not being engaged by the Ol’ Stinky.