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Guild Wars 2 Hoelbrak Vista Locations Guide

If you are into knowing the history of various regions in Guild Wars 2, then you are lucky enough as the creators of the game have included the missing links in the form of Vistas. These are actually the video clips which will tell you about the rich history of Tyria.

Although, the number of Vistas you can collect from a particular zone are shown on the loading screen, but you will have to put in some time and effort to find them. To help you out in your quest of finding these Vistas, the following guide will serve the purpose of assistance.

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Vista #1 – Bear Lodge
Location. This one is at the northwest of Vheratha’s Tavern or south of the Bear Lodge, Hall of Legends. The vista is located at a sculpture of a bear and just needs a proper jump onto the ledge nearby, go to the end of the ledge and then jump onto the ice bear.

Vista #2 – Eastern Watchpost
Location. The second vista of Hoelbrak is on the southwestern side of the Eastern Watchpost waypoint, just next to a small mountain. There is a path on the southern side of this mountain and you need to climb onto it and then follow the path to the vista.

Vista #3 – Southern Watchpost
Location. Another easy one, located at the north of the Southern Watchpost waypoint. It is located on the top of the structure. There is a large grey rock on the left side which rises into the sky, stay near to that rock and then head to the edge of the mountain which is just adjacent to the edge of the structure and jump.

Vista #4 – Lake Mourn
Location. The 4th Vista is located at the lake Mourn, just climb up the frozen hill and you can get this one.

Vista #5 – Snow Leopard
Location. The 5th vista is next to the Snow Leopard or the Raven Lodge and is the hardest of Hoelbrak. It is located at the top of a hill, there are numerous icy ledges which make a path towards the vista.

The path itself is pretty simple but what matters more is the time of your jumps. It might take a couple of tries as you will have to practice a little. Also note that, the last ledge – which has the vista is the narrowest and the jump has to be very accurate there.