Guild Wars 2 Battle of Khylo PvP Guide – Tips and Strategy

Just like Foefire, Battle of Khylo is a PvP map but the secondary mechanic is trebuchets instead of guild lords. The winning team has to grab 500 points with the help of the three conquest points. The trebuchet does not help in gaining any points, but it does give your team some extra power.

The trebuchet is situated right next to your base; any player can interact with it and replace his skills to one of the trebuchet. The skill 2 button will fire/charge your shot, the longer you hold the button – further the trebuchet will fire. It deals massive damage to anybody who gets shot by it and ranges to the capture points.

The gun is destroyable; the enemy team can easily break it down, which will force you to grab a repairing kit from the Clocktower; it’s better to defend it instead of all the hard work.

Khylo is smaller than Foefire and is suitable for the melee users because of the short paths and littered areas. Although, certain areas are very suitable for the long ranged players too! The important point of this map is the Clocktower as it gives you reasonable access to the surrounding areas. The height will help you to easily spot the enemy players so you can inform your trebuchet commander do the rest.

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Guild Wars 2 – Battle of Khylo Tips

Always plan ahead, from the very start. Choose your routes, weapons and skills and main objectives. You should know if you’re going to capture the points only or destroy the opponent’s trebuchet first. Players who are going to control their trebuchet should know that they need to be defensive, so choose the skills wisely.

Those who want to capture the points should have good weapons and skills, which will help them to move quickly.

You don’t have to move in a large group, being organized and helping each other only when its greatly required is better than being bombarded by the trebuchet. Different groups should have different objectives, all five of the players destroying the trebuchet or capturing a single area is not always that effective.

The trebuchet is a big weapon, make use of it. It’s a little annoying to control it in the start, but you will get used to the camera. The massive range will help you to target almost anywhere on the map; you should have a player near the Clocktower, who should be spotting the enemies for you.

The fire causes massive damage to the victim and knocks them down as well; the same advantage is given to the enemy side too. Be sure that you don’t ignore their trebuchet (as long as it is being used by someone) Plan and try to take it out even if it’s not being used, their sudden mind-changes will make their work harder as they will have to fix it first. The team with the trebuchet’s advantage will surely be a headache to the other one.

Clocktower and Gantry
The clocktower and the gantry are the two top spots of the game. Undoubtedly, the clocktower gives you a better sight of the map which enables you to guide your trebuchet holder but is the main target of your enemy’s trebuchet as well. If you want to hold the tower, then stay away from the windows so the trebuchet causes no harm. Gantry is an excellent vantage point which lets you to reach the other two capturing points in no time.

Make a plan and talk to your team before you start the fight, let them know of everything you see. The right tactics and proper coordination can take you out from almost any situation.

Slopes & Hills
The hills and slope areas have a great advantage/disadvantage to the ranged and melee players. Melees will not be able to attack the ranged players who are standing above; they will choke you to death and immobilize you repeatedly, try to attack from both sides in such situations.

Capture and Stay!
Holding onto a point is not that fun as it is to kill the opponents… but will get you easy and fast points. It’s better to just hold onto what you already have then to put yourself in repetitive fights and risk everything.

Repair Kit
As mentioned earlier, there’s a repair kit right next to the entrance of the Clocktower. If you are unlucky enough to get your trebuchet destroyed, fixing it will be very helpful but that’s if you can really fix it. You are not allowed to use any skills while you’re holding the kit, so it’s better to send a team of two to cover yourself.