Dota 2 Enigma Guide – Builds, Abilities, Items and Strategy

BLACK HOLEEEEEEEEEEE!!! There are quite a few heroes whose skills make people shout up to really high decibels, but Enigma is the hero that takes the prize. His ultimate Black Hole is one of the most game breaking ultimates in the game, damaging and completely holding even magic immune enemies for four seconds.

His other skills are also very good; Malefice is one of the game’s best stuns that affects the enemy three times. His last skill, Midnight Pulse is an aoe spell that deals damage that scales with the enemy hp in an area. He is a ranged team fight hero that can push very well with his Demonic Conversion.

Pros and Cons

  • + One of the best teamfight ultimates
  • + Strong skill that stuns 3 times
  • + Very good pusher
  • + One of the best junglers
  • – Fragile
  • – Spells have high manacost
  • – Black Hole needs some items to be used properly

Dota 2 – Edict Abilities

Focuses Enigma’s hatred on a target, causing it to take damage and become repeatedly stunned for multiple instances 1 second each time. An instance strikes every two seconds.

  • Damage per stun: 40/40/65/65
  • Times stunned: 1/2/2/3
  • Cooldown: 15
  • Manacost: 110/130/150/160

Your stun spell. As you can see, at level one it’s mostly useless but when maxed it stuns for 3 times so it gets really powerful.

Demonic Conversion
Splits a creep into three malevolent aspects of itself, all under Enigma’s control. Repeated successful attacks cause them to multiply again; when this happens, the eidolons have their health restored.

  • Duration: 35
  • Units Summoned: 3 Lesser Eidolons/3 Eidolons/3 Greater Eidolons/3 Dire Eidolons
  • Cooldown: 35
  • Manacost: 170

Your jungling and pushing spell. The Eidolon’s power increases nicely so by leveling this skill you will push and jungle a lot faster.

Midnight Pulse

Steeps an area in black magic, damaging enemy units based on their max HP.

  • Radius: 400
  • Duration: 8
  • Max Life Lost Per Second: 3%/4%/5%/6%
  • Cooldown: 25
  • Manacost: 95/110/125/140

Enigma’s big damage spell, it scales well into late game when enemies get high hp, this spell will do a lot of damage to them.

Black Hole
CHANNELED – Summons a vortex that sucks in nearby enemy units. Enemies affected by Black Hole cannot move, attack, or cast spells. The closer units get to the center, the more damage is dealt. Black Hole affects magic immune units.

  • Radius: 500 (Deals far damage in this range) /150 (Deals close damage in this range)
  • Duration: 4
  • Close Damage Per Second: 60/100/140
  • Far Damage Per Second: 30/50/70
  • Cooldown: 200/190/180
  • Manacost: 250/350/450

The big BLACK HOLE. It’s so powerful that it can turn games around. It has a really low casting range though but more into this later.

Enigma Skill Build

  1. Demonic Conversion
  2. Malefice
  3. Demonic Conversion
  4. Malefice
  5. Demonic Conversion
  6. Black Hole
  7. Demonic Conversion
  8. Malefice
  9. Malefice
  10. Midnight Pulse
  11. Black Hole
  12. Midnight Pulse
  13. Midnight Pulse
  14. Midnight Pulse
  15. Stats
  16. Black Hole

This is the most common way to play Enigma. As said before, Malefice is a pretty bad spell at the level one, and Demonic besides being the skill that allows you to the jungle, it also can be used in the very first creep wave to deny your enemies one creep, so it should always be taken at level one.

At level 3, you might want to take a level in Malefice in case you think you can score a kill with a gank, but again demonic will further speed your leveling so you can just take the second level of Malefice at level 4.

After you max Demonic you proceed to maxing Malefice. Midnight Pulse is the last skill to take, since it will only do big damage when enemies have a lot of hp.

The ultimate Black Hole is obviously taken whenever possible, for the increased damage and reduced cool down.

Enigma Recommended Items

Starting Jungle: Ring of Protection, Sage Mask, 2 Clarities
This gives you some mana regeneration to create your Eidolons, after a few minutes you can disassemble your Basilius and use the Sage Mask for a Soul Ring.

Starting Lane: Ring of Protection, 3x Branch, Tango, Salve
These starting items will give you some nice stats to get some last hits as well as giving extra survivability.

Early Game: Soul Ring, Tranquil Boots
These items will greatly increase Enigma’s jungling/laning, Tranquil will quickly regenerate the hp you lose when you Sacrifice and can be disassembled into Meka or Pipe.

Core: Blink Dagger, Black King Bar, (Mekanism)
Blink Dagger is the best item that Enigma can get, without it you will never hit that 5 man Black Hole that wins games unless you have an ally like a Dark Seer or a Naga Siren. Black King Bar should be obtained in case the enemies have too many stuns that can stop your Black Hole.

Mekanism is a pretty good item because it gives you and your allies some extra survivability. Either of these items a pretty solid first choices so it really depends on the situation. With Enigma’s farming ability you should get 2 of them around the 25min mark.

Luxuries: Linken’s Sphere, Refresher Orb, Scythe of Vyse, Boots of Travel, Pipe of Insight/Eye of Skadi/Heart of Terrasque, Necronomicon, Shiva’s Guard, Assault Cuirass

There are a few heroes that don’t care about your BKB and can still cancel Black Hole with their own ultimates (like Vengeful Spirit, Bane, Doom, Beastmaster…). In games with these heroes you should get a Linken’s Sphere to completely block their spells and ensure that your Black Hole is uninterrupted.

An awesome ultimate with more than 3 minutes cooldown? Refresher is a great item for Enigma once you get the mana to support it.

Scythe of Vyse is the big luxury item that fits well on every hero so no surprise of this mention. Later in the game, Boots of Travel are a great choice, especially if you still have the normal boots due to disassembling them into Meka/Pipe and it will free you an item slot.

Pipe, Skadi and Terrasque give you a big survivability boost, and you will probably need it since Enigma is a big target in fights. Pipe is a great option against huge nuke damage and its very useful active Barrier, will mitigate a lot of magical damage to you and your allies.

Skadi gives you around 700 hp, as well as a big amount of mana and a very useful slow, to help you keep enemies within Pulse Nova range. Heart is the best hp item; it will boost your hp by almost 1000.

Necronomicon makes you push really fast and allow you to see invisible heroes while giving you some hp, Shiva will make you more resistant against right clicks while giving you an area slow.

Assault Cuirass also boosts your survivability against right clicks, and it will help you push.

Enigma Strategy Tips

As Enigma, you can go jungle, solo or dual lane, although dual laning is not really recommended since Enigma needs a lot of levels to be effective. Regardless of your choice, remember to deny a creep right when they spawn to deny exp and gold to the enemy and give yourself or your ally an advantage.

If you go jungle, you can start with any creep camp except the Troll Warlord camp (since the summoned skeletons will destroy your Eidolons). It’s very important to micro your Eidolons, when one is low hp, move him to the back so that he doesn’t die, and you get 6 Eidolons to kill the next camp or even gank the lane instead of just 4. Don’t gang a lane without having Eidolons, their damage is crucial most of the times.

While laning, use the combined damage of your hero and your Eidolons to ensure that you get most of the kills and denies. Always use Demonic Conversion on your own creeps so that you deny opponent more exp. When pushing, preferably use it on the enemy Catapult for a faster push.

Call your allies to kill or start a teamfight when you hit the magic level 6 to use your Black Hole. Attempting tower pushes with Eidolons is a very good way to do this. OR you can attempt to do Roshan with a few allies since your Eidolons at this point are very powerful, just remember that you can cast Demonic Conversion just before your Eidolons run out so you don’t have to go back to get more.

Black Hole is a really powerful spell, so you need to manage its use. While in the early game you can use it on small skirmishes and killing key heroes, you should know when to and when not to cast it at late game. Whenever BH is on cooldown, enemies will feel a lot safer and may attempt to push your base or kill Roshan.

There are even some enemies like Vengeful Spirit that will always stay way back just to cancel your Black Hole whenever you use it so most of the times it’s a big mistake to use it when it has a big chance of getting canceled.

Ideally you will want to use BKB, Blink in, cast Midnight Pulse and then Black Hole to deal the biggest amount of damage. A full channeling of BH with Pulse will take away over 30% of the enemies’s hp by yourself. You will need your allies to do the rest of the damage so it’s probably a bad idea to use BH when most of your allies are dead or if you are by yourself.

As a few special mentions, Silencer is Enigma is worst enemy. He will save his ultimate Global Silence just after you Black Hole and there isn’t a single thing you can do about it since there is nothing that can prevent his ultimate. The only thing you can do about him is to catch him EVERY time you Black Hole, but this is only possible if he is a bad player.

The second special mention is Rubick, he will also stay far back to steal your Black Hole, and he has all the time you are channeling the spell to steal it. Again you need to either catch him in ultimate or get a Linken’s Sphere to stop him from stealing Black Hole, which is one of the best ultimates in the game.