Bungie Confirms Sandbox Elements For New IP, Destiny

Bungie has released little details for their new IP called Destiny but today they confirmed their new game to have sandbox elements.

The confirmation came through the latest Mailbag on their official site where it mentioned former Rockstar designer Danny Bulla was now on their team.

We liked Red Dead Redemption so much that we hired Danny Bulla to come here and help us fill your next sandbox. He’s doing some amazing work and, so far, he hasn’t tried to lash any of us to a pair of railroad tracks.

But will it be like the GTA world or Red Dead Redemption? Bungie is not talking on that one.

Additionally the site also suggests that the firm will have to hire an entire orchestra to record sound effects.

Bungie has given no word on the game’s release date but we can expect it in 2013.