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Playstation All Stars Story Mode Details – How Will Kratos React To Sweet Tooth?

We have been hearing a lot about Playstation All-stars but the one thing that has been kept in the shadows is the story of the game. Especially, how Sony’s classic characters will react to each other when they meet.

Super Bot CEO Omer Kendall has finally spilled the beans in an interview with CVG. Here is what Kendall had to say regarding the narrative side of the game:

We take inspiration for our single-player story mode from traditional fighting games. You’ll select your character. You’ll find out what brings that character to the PlayStation All-Stars universe, what they’re doing there, and what their motivation is.

You’ll play in a couple of different match types against various different characters, and then we have this rivalry system. This goes back to one of the very basic motivating ideas that contributed to the PlayStation All-Stars becoming a video game, which was the idea of fantasy match-ups.

Like, what would happen if Ratchet and Clank met up with Jak and Daxter? We actually have a rivalry concept in the game where, during each character’s individual arcade progression, they’ll meet a rival, and that will introduce Easter egg type elements. We sort of have fun with different characters. For instance, Dante in the game, his rival in the game is Nariko, both of those characters obviously being handled by Ninja Theory.

It’s little things like that we’ve played with. Then of course they’ll meet at the end what we’re calling a “boss battle,” but we’re not talking about that. There will be a resolution there. Obviously, the story of All-Stars isn’t exactly canon; we don’t want Kratos and Drake to go back to their universes and reference [our story], but we’re having a bit of fun with it.

It seems like each of the 20 characters in the game will get at least four cut scenes and a boss battle. Can’t wait to see what happens when Kratos meets Sweet Tooth, anyone wants to speculate?