PlanetSide 2 – Esamir Continent Adds Deeper Levels of Strategy

Beta players beware: Sony announced the second continent of PlanetSide 2, Esamir, is headed your way this weekend.

For those of you unfamiliar with PlanetSide 2, it is a first-person shooting utilizing massively multi-player elements in conjunction with strategical gameplay and skill-based rewards.

Gigantic continents background the action, providing sources of strategy and defense, as well as elements of danger. While the final game will feature three continents, beta players are currently with access to just the Indar terrain.

The second continent, Esamir, differs from the canyons, forests, and deserts of Indar with its sublime ice spires and infinite-seeming spaces and frozen tundras.

Its aesthetics are not the only thing in contrast, as Esamir will play entirely different from the fast-paced battles of Indar due to its expansiveness and intentionally minimal resources.

And while Indar was designed with specific capture strategies for particular locations, Esamir is designed to benefit the player who learns to employ creative strategies and adapt to changing patterns in real time.