New Changes In WoW Will Make Reputation Grinding Tedious

Crithto, a community manager for WoW, explained the new changes as thus:

Coming in a future patch, earning reputation is going to become much more fluid. Basically, once one of your characters has reached at least Revered reputation with a faction, all other characters on the same account will then earn reputation with the same faction at twice the rate. Going one step further, and as an added bonus, your main character who reached Revered will also begin to earn double the reputation as he or she climbs to Exalted.

Here’s a simplified break down:

  • Any single character earns Revered reputation with a faction
  • All other characters on the account begin to earn double reputation for that one same faction
  • The Revered character earns double reputation as he or she works toward Exalted
  • ???
  • Profit

While these changes are certainly nice, they seem like more of a band aid solution, than an actual fix. With these changes, they admit that reputation grinding is tedious. Yet, all these changes do, is make it slightly less tedious. Seems like an actual fix would be to change the system completely, to make it no longer tedious. Shouldn’t maximizing fun be the main focus of any game?