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New Additions to LOTRO: Riders Of Rohan Include Warbands

Lord of The Rings Online: Riders of Rohan will feature a new kind of world boss. These world bosses are nomadic mobs, ranging in number from just one troll to a gang of Warg-riders, and are known as warbands.

The warbands will travel throughout the world without any restriction on size or type, and, if you happen into one of their territories, you’ll be alerted by an optional quest to rid the world of their pillaging deeds for good. Anyone can participate in the quest, no matter their affiliation, and will find rewards dispersed in a much cleaner manner through the quest itself, rather than as a free-for-all loot drop.

In addition to roving warbands, Riders of Rohan is set to be more casual-friendly, at least initially, than other MMORPGs. You will also be able to take part in Hytbold’s reconstruction through local quests, race hobby horses, and collect treasure through remote looting. Riders of Rohan releases October 15th, 2012.