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Borderlands 2 – Meet The Mecromancer

Gearbox Software has released the first in-game screenshot of Mechromancer; a new class for Borderlands 2 which will be available later this month.
The Mechromancer is a planned DLC for the game but will also be available for free to those who pre-ordered Borderlands 2. On release it will be priced at $9.99 / 800 MS Points (£6.85).

Four more bonus packs will be released later that will feature new campaigns; adding several hours of gameplay to the already vast world. Gearbox has confirmed that with the added campaigns will come new environments, enemies and allies.

Gaige, the Mechromancer will have the ability of deploying Death Trap, a giant killer robot. When not acting as a tank to absorb damage from enemies, Death Trap can supply Gaige and her comrades with ammo and supplies.