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Assassin’s Creed 3: New Trailer Removes Footage Of Connor Killing Americans

Seeing Connor slaughter a battalion of revolutionaries might tick off Americans, or at least that’s what Ubisoft thinks.

Their new trailer has two versions, one is 30 seconds longer and shows Connor shedding blood of American troops while the other shorter version does not include the part. You can take a guess as to which video was released in the states.

Previously there had been some commotion on Ubisoft’s forums regarding to some of the killing shown in the game. Creative director Alex Hutchinson clearly had stated that Connor does not take sides with either the imperials or rebels in this game.

We know we’re going to fight that argument of which side he’s on until the game comes out and people realise he’s not on any side. He’s just fighting the Templars.

You can check out both trailers below: