SimCity Gameplay Strategy Video Gets To Grips With The Basics

If you’re as eager for updates on EA Maxis’ new SimCity game, then you’re probably going to fall in love with the video that they’ve just released.

This video is the first in a series of strategy videos and is nearly 10 minutes of straight gameplay, and showcases exactly how the game is meant to be played rather than an in-depth look at the mechanics.

EA Maxis plan to release more of these videos as SimCity draws closer to release, and they’re narrated by Stone Librande, lead designer on SimCity. Librande provides an in-depth look at the actual gameplay and walks you through the basics of the game in this first video.

With just four months until release, we’re all still clamouring for details on SimCity. Be sure that we’ll have full coverage of these Gameplay Strategy videos as they’re released.

SimCity is set for release next February on PC and Mac, distributing through all major retail distributors and EA’s very own Origin platform.