EA’s FIFA 13 Sells 4.5 Million Units – Biggest Launch of 2012

Football is the biggest sport throughout the world, played in all corners of it and if the latest sales figures of FIFA 13 are to be acknowledged the same can be said for Football’s video gaming counterpart.

In the past five days since its launch, FIFA 13 has managed to sell over 4.5 million copies across all platforms; making it the biggest launch of 2012. In the U.K alone the game sold 1.23 million copies on all platforms in just 48 hours! This pales in comparison to the U.S launch which racked only up to a measly 353,000 sales but hey football or “Soccer” was never big there anyway.

The critical reception of the game has just been as good as the commercial one with reviewers ravishing praise on the game for re-inventing itself each year with nifty tweaks and modifications.