Max Payne 3 DLC, Hostage Negotiation Detailed

Max Payne 3 launched to both critical and commercial acclaim earlier this year. It was a roaring come back for Max Payne, who had been absent from games during this generation. Rockstar was all set to release DLC for the game in this month, but it seems like they have changed their minds regarding that.

Hostage Negotiation has been delayed to “later this fall” by Rockstar. It was to include four new multiplayer maps and two new guns. No definite date has been given yet for the release. However, Rockstar has issued a statement regarding this:

Our apologies to Max Payne fans who’ve been waiting for this one and the other upcoming packs – we’re working hard to bring you this and all the other DLC and should have a release date to announce for this next pack very soon.

To make the wait more bearable Rockstar promises a new chrome weapons bonus redeemable for free to all Social Club members later this week.