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Dota 2 Update To Change Gameplay, Balance Items and Introduce Two Heroes

Dota 2 Brewmaster
Dota version 6.75 is already out and its changes will most likely will be ported over to the Dota 2 client this week!

This new patch will bring a lot of hero and item balancing, some gameplay changes like the increased duration on the Glyph of Fortification and the change in bans, only 2 bans in the first banning phase and 3 bans in the second banning phase.

This will allow for a lot more thought in counter-picking and less of the “op hero” banning mentality, and 2 new heroes, the Winter Wyvern (an ice themed utility hero) and the Arc Warden ( a “Tinker-like” carry hero with a lightning theme)!

Among the new changes in this version, comes the much needed nerf to the powerhouse heroes like:

Lycan – his early game is now weaker so he can’t jungle as fast as before.

Dark Seer –  Vacuum is weaker now, and he can no longer pull magic immune heroes.

Morphling  – Who got some nerfs on his DPS and survivability.

Naga Siren – Got hit with a -12 base damage nerf so now she starts with almost the same damage as a Crystal Maiden.

As well as big buffs to some unused heroes that have big potential to make a comeback in the game like:

Alchemist – All of his abilities got improved, he attacks even faster, he gains more gold per creep and his Unstable Concoction is a lot stronger.

Doom – Got a big late game buff to his nuke Level Death and he can now Devour a big creep at level one to boost his laning and get a big exp boost.

Clock – Batery now attacks even faster, being able to screw with more enemy spellcasting, as well as a huge buff to his Power Cogs

Drow Ranger – A huge DPS buff now receiving a +60agility! from her ultimate at level 16

Shadow Fiend – He got a sort of an explosion effect when he dies, he will automatically do a half Requiem of Souls so sometimes it’s best to allow him to escape and let your team live.

Among the item changes, the most noticeable one is the inability to sell Black King bar, this measure was done to discourage players from doing the boring selling of BKB to buy a new one with full charges.

Ethereal Blade also got 2 big buffs, one is being able to cast it on allies (thus preventing physical damage from bring done on them), the other is that it doesn’t do damage according to your agility but rather your main attribute (so in case you are a Lina, you will do a lot more damage with Ethereal Blade than before!).

All of these changes and much much more will likely be up on the Dota 2 main client during this week, along with a very likely introduction of Magnataur (though Medusa, Centaur and Slark are pretty close to completion as well)!