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Silent Hill: Book of Memories Gets a Release Date

PS Vita owners have at least one game to look forward to this November when Silent Hill: Book of Memories releases on the underwhelming portable system.

Developers WayForward take the helm this time around, hoping to inject a bit of excitement into the aging franchise. Konami revealed in an official statement that Book of Memories introduces a milestone in the Silent Hill franchise with its first ever multiplayer experience, implementing sharable items such as health and endurance boosts.

What’s more, Book of Memories utilizes customizable characters in conjunction with traditional Silent Hill enemies and elements. Working together with other players online, the game tasks you with solving puzzles and pulverizing boss baddies in order to open up new areas of the limited-visibility town, all while using a book capable of changing the past.

Look for Silent Hill: Book of Memories on November 2nd.

Source: VG247