Resident Evil 6 Gets Eaten Alive by Metacritic

So many people wanted so much to believe Resident Evil 6 would be the return to survival horror that Resident Evil 5 wasn’t.

Not only were they wrong, they were dead wrong. RE6, with its over-the-top action and non-stop thrills provides a very different horror, this time in the form of fan rage.

Consider Metacritic the hub of said horror, seething with over 200 negative user reviews compared to little over ten positives. While the professional community hasn’t engaged in quite the same flame war over their disappointments with RE6, that isn’t to say the critics haven’t found common ground with the laypeople.

YOU ARE DEAD… to me, Resident Evil 6, said Evan Narcisse of Kotaku. A review from Meristation said, No survival horror, no brilliant plot, no surprises, no Resident Evil.

Whether Resident Evil 6 deserves the backlash it’s getting is up to you as a player to decide, and for us as critics to rationally, and without influence, make sense of.