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Konami Code Unlocks ‘Extra Wubs’ Mode in Borderlands 2

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right B, A, Start. These may seem like random inputs to the younger generation of gamers, but to old school Konami fans, specifically fans of Contra for the NES, this conjures up fond memories of flipping through code books, using Game Genie and exploiting debug modes.

It’s known as the Konami Code. It is also one of the many Easter eggs hidden in Borderlands 2. According to MP1st, inputting the old school code at the Borderlands title screen opens up a mode called “Extra Wubs.” You can then find the mode in the options menu under the gameplay tab. What does Extra Wubs do, you ask? Absolutely nothing. Unless you count the warm fuzzy feeling you get from the nostalgic rush and the realization that Konami still remembers its golden age as much as you do.

Source: MP1st