Khyber Strike DLC Detailed For Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ubisoft has announced a new DLC pack for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier called Khyber Strike. It will be released on October 9 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. A PC version has been confirmed but will be released on a later date. Khyber Strike will cost you 800 MP or $9.99 on PSN.

The DLC will bring three new maps for the multiplayer called Switchback, Palace and Transit. Additionally it also includes a new multiplayer mode called Takeover.

Similar to a classic team deathmatch, score points for your team by eliminating enemies. Tip the scales by taking control of the enemy’s objective and earn a score multiplier to your team. Defend your team’s objective to prevent the enemy from gaining the same advantage.

Choose to split your team to defend and attack at the same time, or move as a group and overwhelm your enemy. When the mission ends, the team with highest score wins.

The co-op mode will be receiving a new map as well and it’s called Village. Finally Khyber Strike will bring with itself it’s own set of Achievements and an increase in the level cap by 10.