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How Halo 4 Uses Grenades as Power Weapons

Halo 4
Video strategist Walshy details the interesting dynamic of grenades and their evolution through the Halo series, and why grenades can be called “power weapons.”

In the video, Walshy shows how grenades were used in Halo:CE to get leverage toward obtaining sought after power-ups in hard to reach places. If you’re like me, you’re kicking yourself for only using grenades to jump higher.

The point of the video, however, is to show how grenades behave when coming into contact with one another. As shown in a Waypoint video, Halo 4’s grenades appear to be of the “instasplode” variety, just like Halo 3, which in the opinion of Walshy could very well be called a power weapon.

The grenades in Halo: CE and Halo 2, for instance, did not explode until after coming to rest. Although frag grenades in Halo 2 exploded instantly, without any bounce whatsoever. In Reach, the grenades were inconsistent, sometimes exploding instantly while other times requiring their full wait time.

If you’re interested in the way things go boom in the Halo-verse, and how you can start getting a leg up on the competition in Halo 4 already, then be sure to check out Walshy’s video.