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Crysis 3: Hunter Mode & Crash Site Detailed In New Video

Crysis 3
A video uploaded by VG247 has Fasahat Salim, associate producer of Crytek UK give us more information regarding the new multiplayer mode for Crysis 3 called Hunter mode.

The new mode will pit two Hunters against four CELL operatives. Players who opt to be Hunters will be armed with bows and be wearing Nanosuits; which in turn makes they permanently invisible. On the other hand the CELL operatives will be packing a pistol, EMP grenades and proximity alarms.

The objective is simple, the CELL agents need to survive for a specific time period while the Hunters are tasked with taking each of them down.

Accompanying the Hunter mode in the video is also Crash Site, a previous mod in Crysis 2. The mod is similar to ‘Domination’ in Call of Duty titles where each team is tasked with capturing control points on a map.

The mod has now been included in Crysis 3 and Crytek has pimped it up by scattering alien weapons throughout the map. These weapons will not be available to you outside the mod.

Finally Salim mentioned that Crysis 3 will feature a separate meter for each ability. That means a separate meter for Armor, Stealth etc. In contrast all of them shared a single meter in the previous Crysis 2 title. Additionally sprinting will now no longer eat up your meter.

Crysis 3 will release for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in February 2013.