Valve Supportive of Black Mesa

The world is eager to play through Gordan Freeman’s next adventure. However, some people are more eager than others.

The talented people who worked on the Black Mesa project, brought Half-Life back to life, with updated graphics. While most owners of an intellectual property would do everything, they can to shut down such an event, Valve supports it.

This feels like pretty common sense, Valve’s Chet Faliszek said. Why wouldn’t we? I guess you’d have to convince me of the benefits to the other side.

I love you, Valve.

VG247 did bring up a good point, in their interview with Chet Faliszek; when they explained that most companies just want to protect their IP’s reputation.

Well, let’s say that Black Mesa Source turned out horrible. It’s not going to hurt the original Half-Life, Faliszek responded.

Luckily, Black Mesa turned out well, with Faliszek praising it for its “excellent graphics.”

[Source: VG247]