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Ubisoft Wants to Bring Free-To-Play to Consoles

Ubisoft Chief Financial Officer Alain Martinez, spoke about the financial merits of incorporating the free-to-play business model in its future console releases, stating, “we could see more opportunity for $60 games to learn from the free-to-play model.”

While at $60, these games aren’t exactly “free” to play, they will incorporate the successful FTP model that is currently eating at the pockets of mobile gamers.

The player has the capability to spend more than in a traditional model,” said St├ęphanie Perotti, Worldwide Director of Online at Ubisoft. The Settlers Online is set to make more money in four years than the Settlers brand did on PC over nine years.

Although the financial benefits are apparent, how will the implementation of micro-transactions affect the temperaments of the already on edge console gamer paying for online access and downloadable content?

If Ubisoft wants gamers to take to FTP experiences on its AAA titles, it has to start thinking more about the bottom-line of the play experience, not its profit margin.