DICE Hiring For Mobile/Hand-Held Title – Could Be Battlefield

Job listings posted on EA’s careers website tells us that DICE is planning on moving an existing franchise to mobile and hand-held devices. What franchise it’s talking about? I have no idea but speculations suggest it’s Battlefield.

There are three ads in total and one of them states the applicant will “design, develop and support online features such as authentication, matchmaking, server browser, statistics, etc. for DICE’s future products”. How can a person not think Battlefield after that?

Another ad states that the applicant will be responsible for “all aspects of the user interface concerning the application front-end, e.g., End-of-Round Screens, score boards, server browsers, etc.”

All hints point towards a Battlefield title complete with multiplayer and other online details being planned for mobiles or hand-held devices. If so then this will be the first time DICE has developed for the relevant platform.

Currently DICE is hard at work developing Battlefield 4 which will be released in March of 2014.