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Borderlands 2 Creature Slaughter Dome Location Guide

Those of you who have purchased Borderlands 2 through GameStop must be aware of pre-order bonus. If somehow, you aren’t, you are entitled to visit an exclusive place named “Creature Dome Slaughter House.” If you are looking for entertaining challenges in Borderlands 2, Creature Slaughter Dome is a must visit.

The difficulty level of the place is one thing but first, you will have to find it, which is not really an easy task. You can find it in the Wildlife Exploitation Reserve where you collect all the Mordecai’s secret stashes. If you have played Borderlands 1, then it’s the same area where you fought to save Bloodwing with the Mordecai.

It is named as “Natural Selection Annex” so you can easily miss it if you don’t pay attention. It is on your right after you enter the holding cell structure. Again, it can get tricky to find it so you will have to explore harder to reach it.

It’s an entertaining challenge to play Creature Slaughter Dome, and you will not only enjoy it, but win big rewards. If you are looking for something on the side in Borderlands 2, go for Creature Slaughter Dome!