Star Wars 1313 Replaces Lightsabers With Blasters and What It Means For You!

A Star Wars game without its iconic lightsabers would receive a thumbs down from almost any fan. However, Star Wars 1313 goes much further than that and takes the Jedi experience to a whole new level.

Dominic Robilliard, the creative director of the game explained to CVG that Star Wars 1313 offers “amazing things through his [Jedi] gear, gadgets and how you interact with the levels and the environment.”

The core gameplay involves cover shooting and platforming. Instead of lightsabers you’ll now have blasters which you’ll shoot of while dodging and moving from cover to cover.

Movements and animations of AI and players are near to perfection. Developers Industrial Light & Magic have adopted performance capture working in collaboration with Lucasarts.

A technique that involves recording both facial and body movement together with audio, and using its Hollywood heft to produce a game with movie-level sheen.

The game looks visually stunning so far and the talks about it’s gameplay mechanics seem fair as well. However, a first hand experience would prove better when a demo for Star Wars 1313 get released.