Dishonored Dropped Thief Stealth Mechanics Because It Was “Not Realistic”

Christopher Carrier, the lead level designer of Dishonored has admitted that the game first started out with similar stealth mechanics to Thief but the idea was later dropped by Arkane.

Speaking at Eurogamer Expo 2012 the designer said that in the beginning the gameplay was heavy on asking players to hide in the shadows and keep a wary eye out for lighted areas.

We are big fans of Thief. In Thief the light is very very important. At the beginning we tried to be in the same mood: use the light, use the shadows.

But we realized that when you’re standing in front of an NPC like this [hand in front of face] it’s not realistic – we must admit that. In the real world it’s not like this.

As we are a bit perfectionist, we wanted it to work as in Thief and very realistically. With these two notions we got crazy and decided to eliminate the light parameters, because it was too difficult to have both.

Dinga Bakaba, game designer and associate producer of the game added that the lighting also began an important part of the game, reason being the beautiful level designs and art work. It would have been a sin to cover it all up with shadows.

You might have noticed that our artists went kind of crazy to create the most detailed and interesting world. So it was kind of contradictory to put some pitch black areas where you can’t see very well.

Thief was a great stealth game released a long time ago. It’s nice to hear that Dishonored will be packing some of it’s core elements while adding new ones as well.

The game will be released for all major platforms on October 12.

[via CVG]