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343: QTE Will “Teach Those New Players” The Halo Ways

Halo 4
The Halo community is not liking the idea of Halo 4 featuring quick-time events. Gameplay videos released earlier by developer 343 Industries show scenarios where players are required to push the required buttons to complete specific events.

Hitting X to open a door, swaying left right to avoid projectiles and pressing buttons to pull enemies off ledges. Some fans complained that these sequences should have been replaced with cut-scenes; while others called the events as being annoying.

Frank O’Connor was quick to address the worried fans during their developer session at Eurogamer Expo 2012.

He explained that all the above events happen at the beginning of the game and are designed for new Halo players.

You’re only doing things you can actually do in the game. The first level is particularly dense with those things because it’s teaching you about this world. So what you’re doing in an elevator shaft is you’re just climbing a ladder. You’re doing things the Chief can do. It’s not taking you out and forcing an animation. That was part of that philosophy.

And some of it is just there for storytelling and drama. But it’s also teaching you how to move through the world.

He further added that this is necessary for new players who have never played a Halo game before.

We know there will be a lot of players who are new to the Halo universe this time around, so we’re just trying to teach those new players things in a way that isn’t insulting or distracting to people who are perfectly capable of doing everything.

The developer also confirmed that the QTE events are bunched up at the beginning of the game and will be very few in numbers during the later stages.

Most of those are in the beginning of the game where it’s teaching you how to navigate and shoot and reload. There will be a few more that happen throughout the game but they tend to be for dramatic effect to focus on an action or a scenario but without switching to a cinematic,” O’Connor replied.

So it’s just letting you to continue to have some agency, because there’s no real reason to switch to a cinematic, but we want to draw attention to a big idea. It’s really just a narrative device.

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