New Rewards Scheme For XBL Marketplace – Unlock Discounts Every Month

Microsoft has announced a new rewards scheme for Xbox Live members. The scheme will take into consideration the Gamerscore of players and reward them accordingly.

Those who have a Gamerscore between 3,000 – 9,999 will be sent a gift on their birthdays; which holds a value of 15p.

A Gamerscore between 10,000 – 24,999 will get players the above birthday gift and an entitlement to a 1% rebate on all purchases from Xbox LIVE Marketplace every month.

Finally players who have a Gamerscore of 25,000+ will be granted the birthday gift and a 2% rebate on all purchases every month. The above reward schemes will work for everything on the marketplace except for the purchase of Microsoft Points or Xbox Live memberships.

Anyone can sign up for the offer. Just simply activate the Xbox Live Rewards scheme on your Xbox Live Gold account.