Konami Announces Revengeance and Zone of Enders Special Editions

For all of you Limited Edition junkies out there, Konami announced two bundles today!  One for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and one for the Zone of Enders HD Collection.

The Revengeance LE will include a soundtrack, two- sided steel book and a “high-frequency katana plasma lamp”, whatever that is.  This limited edition will be available next to the normal release on February 19th of next year.

If the Zone of Enders HD Collection LE is more your style (or you just don’t want to wait for Metal Gear) you’ll get a special metallic gold packaging with a soundtrack and 100 page art book with art from Metal Gear and Zone of Enders artist Yoji Shikawa!  Oh and also a demo for Revengeance or something.  You can pick up this one on October 30th.

Konami did not release pricing information for either but that should be coming in the near future.