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Game Director Of Splinter Cell: Blacklist Responds To Negative Feedback

Game director of Blacklist has told Eurogamer that most of the negative feedback of fans for the new Splinter Cell title is simply a “kneejerk reaction”.

The outburst from the community comes on the basis of earlier trailers which show Sam Fisher going head on into enemy camps and taking everyone down in broad daylight. Splinter Cell is a franchise that was famous for it’s stealth mechanics. So far the crowd has yet to see any of them in action.

David Footman, the director responded to the cries saying:

Everyone can make kneejerk reactions to a vertical slice of the game that are really uninformed as to what the whole experience is like. We really have to be patient as we roll out each item about the game.

The proof is always going to be in the pudding. Talk is talk, and it is just all talk right now. We really need to get a demo out there, for people to see how you can ghost levels, to see the gameplay. It seems to be an overreaction because people are just seeing the ‘pow!’, the explosiveness.

Another outburst was on the E3 trailer where players torture a man on screen by twisting a blade deep within him to get more information out. Finally they are the given the choice of either sparing him or finishing him off.

Footman once again responded saying:

What we showed at E3 was very explosive, very violent. That kind of stuff tends to get shown, but as we roll out different aspects of the game you’ll see a lot more diversity and lot more of what hardcore fans are expecting to see.

There are two distinct styles of gameplay – you can ghost a map, or you can go wild as well. There are some areas you’ll have to play stealth, but there are areas where you’ll find it hard if you don’t use wide-open action.

Regarding the violence Footman defended himself by mentioning:

What people won’t say, but what they’ll dance around, is that is the price of freedom to protect Americans and their sedans and SUVs.

Where do you draw the line? What would you do to save your country when all it took was to torture someone using the wrong means? We feel it’s an interesting dilemma for the player.

He finally reminded fans that they have not forgotten the roots of Splinter Cell:

We’ve gone from being a big game to a monster game. If you want to come out with a big Hollywood movie in the summer time, if you’re not a big blockbuster – you’re not going to get seen. It’s very competitive now, it takes out the whole middle ground. You really need to know what space you’re competing in. It’s deep and it’s broad.

We definitely know our roots, being stealth, realism, having Sam Fisher at the core of it. But like every branded franchise, it is evolving.