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The Secret World: Cat God Update Is Now Live

The Cat God update is now live for The Secret World, adding two new missions and preparing the game for future Halloween events that begin in October.

According to the developers, the new ‘Binding’ mission in Egypt will challenge “even the most hardened puzzle solvers.” The second new mission is called ‘Dogs of War’ and pits werewolves against vampires.

Remember also to check the in-game store for new outfits and a new pet that has a jet-pack on.

The Cat God villain will be brought in around Halloweens time. Funcom didn’t reveal what the actual event will be but mentioned that “tricks, treats, cool new costumes and special pets” await for those brave enough to complete the event.”

The Secret World recently announced free trials for anyone wanting to try the MMO. This offer also comes packed with great incentives.