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Need For Speed: Most Wanted Multiplayer Detailed

Need For Speed Most Wanted
The official website of Need for Speed Most Wanted now contains a lot of details regarding it’s multiplayer. The site claims that the online multiplayer of the new title will be the most competitive and amazing experience ever to hit a Need for Speed title.

To start off the game will be open world. You are free to drive around in the city with no restrictions.

Ranking Up
Every car will come with it’s own milestones that unlock modifications when unlocked. To reach milestones you will have to earn points. These can be earned by doing an abundant of things. You can simply cruise around town, beat your friend’s time records, race other players, explore the map, find new cards, pull of stunts, do insane amounts of drifting and speeding.

Earning a milestone will grant you modification options like Reinforced Chassis, Re-inflating Tires, Impact Protection, Powershot Nitrous or Track Tires.

Open World
The open world setup allows you to explore and race anywhere you seem feasible. You can find new ways or locations to perform jumps and stunts. The developers have left it to your imagination and creativity to find out new shortcuts while racing or new hills to jump from.

In multiplayer when you record a new best time, Autolog will on its own report it to your friends in game.

Meet Ups
It’s just like in the real world. If you want to participate in a race then you need to drive to the designated location. In Most Wanted you will score bonus points for being the first one there.

Once everyone has arrived, simply line up and wait for the starting signal. Everything is real-time. If you screw up, you miss your chance. Your rivals won’t be interested in sending another invitation to restart the game.

You’ll be presented with a SpeedList when you go online. The game itself will provide 5 events comprising of Races, Speed Tests and Challenges. You can also create your own custom SpeedList and play it in a friend’s Game. Whoever racks up the most Speed Points by the end of the SpeedList wins.

Race / Team Race
Solo Racing will feature a conventional scoring system. You’re awarded points based on your position. However, it’s a tad different in Team Race.

You can partner up with a buddy to take on another opposing team. The team with the most score at the end of a match wins. In addition to the position scores, you can also earn points for take downs, drifts, near misses and air time.

Speed Test
Players will get a time limit of 90 seconds to set a high score. It’s not necessary that you should be racing to set a high score. Hitting a long jump or drift will also do the job.

These include one or two-part co-operative Challenges.