Black Ops 2: Zombies Mode Details – Will Feature 8 Player Grief Mode

The zombie mode was added by Treyarch for the first time in the multiplayer of Call of Duty: World at War. At that time the undead were just another way to vent your anger and frustration on. However, with time they became an essential item for every Call of Duty game. Treyarch recognized it’s popularity and hence with Black Ops 2, the zombies are going to get more attention.

It makes you wonder if Treyarch plans on ditching modern warfare with Black Ops 3 and release it as a standalone zombie game.

During a preview event for the undead Treyarch revealed that there will be three modes for players.

We’re talking a whole city here and not just one specific vehicle. This mode will easily be the main attraction for zombie fans who buy Black Ops 2.

Supporting four players co-op, you will be using the bus system to travel through out an infested city. Once you reach your stop, it’s time to arm your weapons and cleanse that area before moving on to another area. By the way if you want you can always go by foot as well.

Each location will hold it’s own gameplay style. You might be able to go ‘Rambo’ in one specific stop but you might have to go defensive in others.

While exploring the city, players can also gather up collectible pieces which can be put together to form weapons and tools.

This is the classic zombie mod where you’ll be attacked by a horde of zombies. You will need to fortify your location and survive inside for as long as possible.

Similar to Tranzi, you’ll be able to go solo or group up with 3 other players.

The new mode will feature support for up to 8 players. Two teams of four players will be dropped into a zombie infested city and their mission is to outlive the opposing team.

Players won’t be able to kill each other but they can make the job for the other team harder. One of them is where players can block passages for the other team. There will also be other ways but so far they have not been revealed.