Black Ops 2: Multiplayer Modes Revealed

Treyarch has given a lot of consideration to the multiplayer of Black Ops 2. It will include a lot of game modes and customization options.

Today the developer has revealed all the multiplayer modes.

This mode allows up to 3 teams to play against each other in the same map. The game modes supported are:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Hardpoint

Party Games
Players will be able to earn XP and ranks by playing this mode. The game modes supported are:

  • Gun Game
  • Sticks and Stones
  • One in the Chamber
  • Sharpshooter

Combat Training
If you think you need practice before venturing online against other human players, then you can opt for playing against AI.

Bootcamp: Players can earn up to a maximum of level 10 while gaining full XP against bots in Team Death Match.

Objective: Players can earn up to a maximum of level 10 but will not earn full XP.

Bot Stomp: There is no XP or rank earning. A team of human players will go against enemy AI for practice purposes.

Players are now given the option of placing restrictions on weapons, attachments, perks and equipments. There is also the freedom to change scoring modes of FFA, TDM and CTS modes. In addition if you find it annoying then you can also disable the spectator mode and turn off the announcer.