Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Live With Terror From Beyond

BioWare has announced that their new update to Star Wars: The Old Republic is now live. All players can proceed to to download version 1.4 of the game which includes a ton of new features and changes.

Operation: Terror From Beyond is a massive addition to the MMO and takes place on planet Asation. An alien race has foolish tapped into some technology to rip open a portal to another dimension. The portal has brought in some unfriendly guests that are determined to destroy anything in their path. Naturally you’ll be grouping up with other party members to get rid of them.

The new update also includes new features such as an improved group finder which will return players to their initial location prior to joining a group. There are also new gear and items to get hold off.

In addition you can now set expressions for your character. Selecting, let’s say ‘angry’ will plant a scowl on your character’s face in-game for everyone to see.